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We All Count: Project for Equity in Data Science

Welcome to We All Count!

It’s a project to increase equity in data science. This project has a place for you in it if you want to work towards a world where data science is good, and good for everyone.

Interested in the push for better equity in Data Science? Here are some of the things WE CAN DO and some of the things YOU CAN DO.

Demystify. Democratize. Demonstrate.

We can demystify, demonstrate and democratize.

We All Count is committed to increasing data literacy – and particularly data equity literacy for everyone. We make tools, write articles and foster communities that everyone can benefit from.

Demystify. Democratize. Demonstrate.

You can get informed.

The first thing you should do if you want in on this project is to sign up for our newsletter. It’s the main way that we share the new ideas, resources, examples, and tools that our community creates.

You can join the community. 

Get answers to your data equity questions from a community of people who get it. Share stories, opportunities, resources, job postings and your nerdiest data jokes.  

Sources of bias can be identified in each step of the data lifescycle.

We can create a Data Equity Framework.

The core of We All Count’s philosophy is our Data Equity Framework. It’s a way of thinking about and engaging with equity in data projects from start to finish. It breaks down data work into meaningful, manageable steps with their own unique equity issues and solutions.

You can get trained in Data Equity.

We All Count trains individuals, teams, and entire organizations in data equity. We’ve trained thousands of people since we started in 2017. We do free workshops, public courses and custom trainings across a wide variety of data equity issues, sectors and project types, all grounded in The Data Equity Framework. 

We can work with you to increase the equity of your projects.

We All Count consults on data equity in all project types and offers equity-embedded services in project design, data collection, analysis, visualization & reporting. 

We can create tools anyone can use to improve data equity right away. You can use them, share them and help us improve them.

You can find an ally in us. 

We don’t mean ‘ally’ in the overused, lip-service way it’s thrown about today. We mean if you are feeling lost, alone, confused, or oppressed in the world of data we will help you. Sometimes you just need someone who’s been there before. Sometimes you don’t even know what questions to start with. Sometimes you are facing repercussions or outright hostility.

This form connects you to an email staffed by people who care. We will do our best to help you with whatever data equity problem you are facing; whether that means recommending training, offering consulting, introducing you to a community of supportive peers or having a one-on-one chat. We take privacy and anonymity extremely seriously and consider no problem too small or too large.