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Am I doing this right?

Where can I get practice improving the finer points when using the tools in the Data Equity Framework?

What are the tools you have for the trickiest equity challenges in the data process?

How do I make the difficult compromises in my data work while staying true to my equity priorities?

Upcoming Dates:

October 30th – November 3rd, 2023
pm – 4 pm ET

March 18th – March 22nd, 2024
1 pm – 4 pm ET

What is this course?


Advancing the Data Equity Framework is for those who are ready to get serious (and seriously competent) at embedding equity right into the heart of their data work. In this deep-dive course (16 hours of live training with Heather Krause, founder of We All Count, in an intimate cohort size, plus 4-8 hours of offline project work), you’ll learn a secondary set of new tools and techniques, as well as learn to apply familiar tools in more difficult and nuanced choice points.


    By the end of this course, participants will:


    • Be familiar with ALL of the tools in the Data Equity Framework.
    • Have experience applying tools across a wide variety of situations.
    • Be able to describe the proper application of the Data Equity Framework.
    • Be able to critique and evaluate data projects through the Data Equity Framework.
    • Have at least one completed and reviewed example of applying WAC tools to real or like-real data problems for your portfolio.
    • Co-develop a game plan for your next steps towards data equity in your work after the course.
    • Be certified as having completed the WAC training series.

    Key Info:

    Price: $1,100 USD per seat.

    Format: Live Interactive Zoom training with participation as well as materials, resources, and community hosted on a private online learning space. 

    Length: Live online training (16 hours) + 4-8 hours of offline final project work. 

    Prerequisites: The Foundations of Data Equity is a prerequisite for this course.

    More questions?

    If you’d like to attend our Advancing the Data Equity Framework course at a custom date or arrange private training for your team, please contact us for current pricing, group discounts, and schedule availability.

    This training includes:


    • How to set up the Data Equity Framework and tools so it works in your existing processes and contexts.
    • The Identity Category Sorting Dials (our silver bullet for how to consider, act, and communicate around the extremely tricky equity area of defining and using identity-based categories)
    • How to talk productively with your team, your funders, your community about practical data equity.
    • Equity implications in Impact Measurement and Modelling.
    • Advanced Motivation Touchstone crafting and critiquing.
    • Merging data across data sets while retaining the equity and context.
    • The Alternate Variable Selector (or how to make the case for moving away from race, gender, and sexual orientation as a poor proxy variable)
    • Reporting with Confidence (or how to be honest about certainty levels without losing trust).
    • The Methodology Matrix (or how not to get steamrolled by the cult of methodology!)
    • Advanced scenarios and applications of tools from the Foundations of Data Equity course.
    • Set up job aids and signals that tell your team when to use specific tools and data equity processes.

    • AND MORE!