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A live, online workshop given over two half-days. Take the next step in your data equity training (Foundations of Data Equity is a prerequisite for this course).

Dive deeper into the practical and technical nuances of the tools and techniques.

Explore additional scenarios and situations to master the Data Equity Framework and tailor it to your unique data processes.

Collaborate with a dedicated cohort and W.A.C. Founder Heather Krause as you explore the successes and challenges faced when embedding equity at each stage of the data science process.

Seven Step Framework
Testimonials from We All Count Trainings:

“Finally there is something that is actionable. There is such a push towards equity but there hasn’t been a framing or a set of tools that actually work.”


VL, Director of Evaluation 

 “Filled a hole in my education that I didn’t know was missing. Incredible resources that are invaluable to my work and my personal understanding.”


RL, Data Scientist

“I wanted to tell you I cannot thank you enough for the work you and your team are doing. I have run into so many walls trying to raise some of the issues you’re addressing. I feel like most people I talk to about data are either data nerds like me but don’t have much personal investment in a social justice lens or do have a social justice background but think math and numbers are the spawn of Satan.”


DR, Director, Research and Evaluation.

“So, so wonderful!!! I really appreciate this format. More workshops need to take note! I haven’t been to so useful of a workshop in YEARS. This transformed my world.”


LM, City Data Manager

“Best Zoom workshop ever. Thank you for all the engagement. The clarity and examples and presentation of ideas in an easily digestible way was excellent! So grateful to have had this opportunity to learn.”


KW, Grants Manager

Live, Interactive Online Workshop.

Get the experience and tools to overcome the equity challenges in your data.

The course is taught over two half-day sessions.


Tuesday June 28th & Thursday June 30th, 2022

12pm – 4 pm (ET)

Also included as part of our Data Equity Bootcamp
July 25-29, 2022



This course is the perfect next step towards implementing the Data Equity Framework in all of your data processes. 

What you’ll get:


It’s easy to say that you are going to embed equity in your work. It’s much harder to figure out exactly how to make that happen in the real world.

Now that you know what the Data Equity Framework is, learn how to put it at the forefront of all your work, and apply it in a variety of different situations. Work through real world examples, learn how others have applied the ideas, and get interactive feedback about how you can apply the framework effectively to your work.

Using the Data Equity Framework, we’ll spend the day exploring the conceptual nuances and technical details of each of the seven steps.

This is an opportunity to work with a dedicated cohort and W.A.C. Founder Heather Krause as you explore the successes and challenges faced when embedding equity at each stage of the data science process.

What Will You Do and Learn?


You’ll take away from this workshop the ability to see opportunities to improve the equity in your work and understand how to take the necessary steps to take advantage of those opportunities in the short term and the long term.

Learn by doing, with structured tasks based on real world scenarios.

Use advanced scripts and templates to help you identify opportunities in both the short and long term to embed equity into your work.

Set up triggers and signals that tell your team when to use specific tools and data equity processes.

Learn to weight the risks and rewards of data equity activities in order to prioritize the action steps in implementing your data equity strategy.

Build skills in how to initiate and sustain productive conversations with diverse stakeholders on crucial data equity topics.


Who Should Attend?


Anyone who creates data, make sense of data, or makes decisions based on data is a great fit for this workshop. Researchers, Evaluators, Funders, Grant-makers, Analysts.

No specific technical or analytic skill level required.

The Foundations of Data Equity is a prerequisite for attending this workshop.

To learn about custom offerings of this program for groups of 10+