Data Equity for Marketing & Human Resources

Companies of every size are using data more and more to manage their people and improve their products, services and sales. As you dive into the world of data, you need a strong equity-oriented framework to keep your data work competitive, compliant & inclusive.

Join us for a full day of interactive learning on how to ensure you can embed an equity lens into your organization’s data. From how you collect personal data, how you analyze performance data, and how you set up marketing campaigns to how to set up compensation structures to produce fair outcomes. 

This one-day, 7-hour live training will give you not only an overview of the most pressing and common data equity issues around Marketing and HR but also the practical set of tools, workflows and resources you need to implement the Data Equity Framework right away. You’ll come away with both a list of changes you can make tomorrow and a new structure to build up your equity credibility for years to come.

Live, Interactive Online Workshop.

Get the experience and tools to overcome the equity challenges in your data.


Thursday, March 11

9:00am to 5:00pm (ET)

Testimonials from We All Count trainings:

“I attended your session and I just wanted to say it was absolutely fantastic. It (and you) were incredibly unique, thoughtful, relevant, and creative.” Nathalie Noel, Strategy Coach

“Thank you Heather for a fantastic workshop today. It was one of the best I have ever attended!” Susan Watts, Executive Director EE Centre

“Hands down the best workshop I have ever attended. Has given me the tools to change the way our entire team works with data.” MD, Children’s Aid Society

What we’ll cover:


  • How to equitably collect and use demographic data from employees.

  • How to equitably collect and use demographics from clients, customers, and prospects.

  • How to assess your funnel from an equity point of view.

  • What pay equity analysis is and how to get started.

  • How to set up data dashboards with a focus on equity.

  • Talking points for promoting and making a business case based on equity.




Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is ideal for Directors, Managers, HR teams, and Marketing divisions. 

If you collect data about people, make decisions based on people data, work with clients who make decisions based on people data, or build models with people data, this workshop is for you. No technical data skills are necessary. Being curious and brave is an asset.

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