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From concepts to delivery and leadership, learn the essentials behind equity and ethics in data. Gain tools necessary to lead your team to a solid foundation of data ethics in all your work.


Data ethics is now a clear competitive advantage. Take away practical examples of ways to develop and implement best practices with both your C-Suite and Data teams to establish your organization as a trusted leader.


Simply asking “is this algorithm racist?” will not work. Equip yourself with practical steps to embed equity and ethics into your data with our 7 Step Framework.

Designed for leaders who uses data or makes decisions based on data.


Take away downloadable checklists  and case studies to use immediately with your own team.


Fifteen years ago, environmental reporting was something quite new and many companies did not take being green very seriously. There was growing concern at the citizen and consumer levels, but many people did not know how to act on their growing concerns. Today, those people shop their conscious. Companies and governments have found ways to signal their alignment with this green movement. Being “eco friendly” has become an investor demand, a legal requirement and a clear competitive advantage. Data ethics is on the same path.
This is an interactive skill-building webinar that delivers a seven-step process, real-world examples at each step and a checklist to guide you through each step in your work after participating in the course. The workshop is designed for leaders who works with data, or who needs to interpret or make decisions based on data.

Registration Reopens in 2020

This on-demand webinar is comprised of a series of online videos and downloadable PDF checklists and conversation starters. You will receive your materials within 2 business days of registration. If you would prefer a live Q&A with instructors please see our Live Webinars. If you would prefer a live Q&A with instructors please see our Live Webinars.

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