Webinar on demand:

Embedding Equity in Impact Reporting

 Learn how to get started collecting, cleaning and analyzing impact data from an equity perspective. Understand the implications in choosing statistical methodology and visualization techniques. 


Gain a better understanding of how to use data to show impact through an equity and data ethics lens. Practice with real world examples.


Practical steps to embed equity into your data with our 7 Step Framework.

Great for anyone who uses impact analysis or makes decisions based on evidence of impact.


Take away downloadable checklists  and case studies to use immediately with your own team.


The foundations of this workshop are transparency, attention to power dynamics in quantitative evaluation, and how worldviews get embedded in even the basics of math and statistics. This workshop will guide participants through the process of learning to identify inequity and hidden bias at seven key stages of the data lifecycle.
This is an interactive skill-building webinar that delivers a seven-step process, real-world examples at each step and a checklist on intersectional feminist quantitative data to guide you through each step in your work after participating in the course. The workshop is of value to researchers, evaluators, analysts, anyone who works with data, and anyone who needs to help design, interpret or make decisions based on data.

Registrations Reopens in 2020

This on-demand webinar is comprised of a series of online videos and downloadable PDF checklists and conversation starters. You will receive your materials within 2 business days of registration. If you would prefer a live Q&A with instructors please see our Live Webinars. If you would prefer a live Q&A with instructors please see our Live Webinars.

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