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Lunch & Learn: A Case Study in Applying the Data Equity Framework

Join us for one hour a week, for eight weeks, as we take you through a full case study of the We All Count Data Equity Framework. One of the best ways to understand how the Framework can be implemented is by going through an entire data project top to bottom.

Each week, we will watch how our typical data project (based on a synthesis of our real data projects, combined for anonymity) embeds meaningful and transformative data equity practices. We’ll also track its progress in a parallel universe where it doesn’t implement the Data Equity Framework, so we can see its missteps and get a better idea of how we can be different in our work. 

In each hour-long live session, we’ll spend about half of the time detailing a specific phase from our case study, and then turn it over to a collaborative discussion about what else they could have done, and how this relates to our work. 

Live, Interactive Online Workshop.

Get the experience and tools to overcome the equity challenges in your data.

The course is taught over 8 weeks, Fridays 12:30pm – 1:30pm (ET)


Testimonials from We All Count trainings:

“I attended your session and I just wanted to say it was absolutely fantastic. It (and you) were incredibly unique, thoughtful, relevant, and creative.” Nathalie Noel, Strategy Coach

“Thank you Heather for a fantastic workshop today. It was one of the best I have ever attended!” Susan Watts, Executive Director EE Centre

“Hands down the best workshop I have ever attended. Has given me the tools to change the way our entire team works with data.” MD, Children’s Aid Society

Follow a data project as they:

Structure and receive their funding.

Stack of coins representing funding

Identify their key goals and motivations.


Flame with a heart in it

Design their project and select methodologies.

Pencil put to paper, where a flow chart is drawn

Collect their data.

Hammer and a clipboard

Perform analysis.


Interpret their results.

Is the glass half full, or half empty?

Report their project.

Printouts and a mobile device viewing a website

Who is this workshop for?

If you make decisions based on data, work with stakeholders who make decisions based on data, build models with data, craft policies with data, or conduct evaluation with data, this workshop is for you. No technical data skills are necessary. Being curious and brave is an asset. 

This is a uniquely structured workshop ideal for people who want to spend a small amount of time each week getting a highly grounded, real-world understanding of the Data Equity Framework in action. 

This workshop series is ideal for anyone who has taken our Foundations of Data Equity program. It’s the perfect next step to cement your grasp on the concepts you’ve just learned, but with entirely new and different examples, challenges and contexts. If you think this workshop might be a good fit for you, but you haven’t taken our Foundations course please contact us and we’ll either get you up to speed for this course or into a course that’s an even better fit!

To learn about custom offerings of this program for groups of 10+