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Learning about a cool new tool, process, or improvement is no good if you can’t explain it to the people you work with. If you’re like us and you have whatever the opposite of a photographic memory is, you often find yourself really excited about an idea from a conference or workshop that you just can’t satisfactorily explain to your colleagues when you get back to the office on Monday.

These Talk To Your Boss Sheets (or TTYBs as we like to call them) are simple one-pagers with some bullet points just to get the conversation started and refresh your memory on the core concepts.

They’re designed to help you effectively communicate with your team, colleagues, funders and yes, boss, about some of the key ideas around data equity and the tools and processes you might be wanting to add to your organization’s toolbox. 

How to ask about using alternate methodologies.

How to bring up the fact that RCTs aren't the "gold standard" of all data projects.

3 steps to move you towards equitable data product distribution.

How to suggest that you should test your data viz.

How to talk to your analyst about equity in your data model.