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What is Talking Data Equity?


Talking Data Equity is a series of weekly drop-in conversations addressing questions with people who are working on operationalizing data equity.

As a community, we share our experiences going from wanting to embed equity in your data work to actually feeling competent doing so.

Feel free to join every week or occasionally and stay as long as you like. There are opportunities to ask questions live from experts and beginners alike.

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Previous Talking Data Equity Sessions

Check out the recordings, resources, and discussion from our previous TDE sessions on the We All Count Community Forum.

Past sessions include:

Special Guest: Brittany Rabb, Analyst at the DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education joined us to discuss equity approaches to mixed methods in education.

Special Guest: Dr. Mareike Schomerus, Vice President at the Busara Center in Nairobi joined us to share her experiences with practical ways to design research and use data in ways that are both good science as well as grounded in local reality.

Special Guest: Dr. Azadeh Yadollahi, a biomedical engineer at the Toronto Rehab Institute. She shares with us her story of embedding data equity in a sleep study centered around people experiencing homelessness.

Special Guest: Alyssa Rosemartin, a specialist with the USA National Phenology Network. Joined us to share stories of data equity in the world of plants and ecology.

Dr. Battle-Baptiste , Director of W.E.B. Du Bois Center at UMass Amherst and a Black Feminist Archaeologist shares her insights about how identity often urges us to ask different questions, see from different perspectives and how Black Feminist Archaeology leads to different research questions and different methods.

Dr. Kim Van Der Woerd & Sofia Vitalis from Reciprocal Consulting sharing their stories of embedding an indigenous lens in data.

Alex Kapitan, the Radical Copywriter. Their work is about embedding equity in language and communications. They build resources about how to avoid trying to get it right by creating recipes for absolutes. And instead, help folx bring attention to a meandering and contradictory patchwork quilt of a language.

Upcoming Sessions:

Friday 12 noon – 1pm ET

July 12th

Direct Community Involvement in Causal Analysis (and Program Evaluation Models). Heather and the group will work together on an example, exploring the pros, cons, and possibilities. 

July 19th

Amalie Zinn will join us as a special guest to discuss their work on racism in health and housing in data analysis.

July 26th

No TDE this week

August 2nd

Special guest  Frank Elavsky joins us to share his work on data viz and accessibility through his projects on human-computer interactions.

August 9th

Join us for a very special presentation on equity and genomics from Dr. Connie Hilliard. Dr. Hilliard’s work on Ancestral Genomics is both accessible and rigorous.

August 16th

Alex Gurvich from NASA’s new Earth Information Center and how to communicate complex ideas about Earth Science.

August 23rd

No TDE this week

August 30th

Jon Schwabish from the Urban Institute joins us to share his work on data vizualization and equity. 

September 6th

Join us to learn more about how RTI’s Rarity Project uses data to understand social determinants of health in small ways with special guests Vicki Johnson-Lawrence & Lisa Lines.

September 13th

Special guest Dr. Tiffany Kindratt will share her work on the new MENA (Middle East and North Africa) categories in the US Census.

September 20th

Amelia Hoover Green joins us to talk about her latest thoughts and projects on data equity, including measuring state violence, the equity problems with “impact”, and more.

September 27th

Multiple Selection Race: Mathematical and human implications of our analytic choices. Heather and attendees will explore and practice the options. 

Join us for a free, informal discussion and Q&A series around applying data equity in the real world.