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What the heck is Data Equity?

Do we have a Data Equity problem?

What can we actually do to improve equity in our data work?

How can I explain to my colleagues why data equity is so important to the success of our work?

What is this primer?

The We All Count Data Equity Primer is a laser-focused, one-hour introduction designed to get you up to speed on the core issues facing the equitable and ethical use of data and provide you with a clear picture of the challenging landscape of turning complex human questions into numbers then back into meaning (without totally screwing people over in the process!).

We all want to make sure that the people we care about are treated fairly in how we collect, analyze, interpret and report on data, but there are many ways that bias, unfairness, and flat-out error creep into the many important choice points that are in every data project.

Register today and attend any of the following live sessions:

Thursday, July 11th, 2024:  1pm ET

Monday, August 12th, 2024: 1pm ET

Monday, September 30th, 2024: 12 noon ET

Key Info:

Price: $55 USD per seat.

Format: Live Zoom webinar with a live chat Q&A section. 

Length: 1 hour presentation + 30 min optional Q&A.

Prerequisites: The Data Equity Primer is a prerequisite for both our Foundations of Data Equity course and our Advancing the Data Equity Framework course. 

More questions?

If you’d like to attend the Data Equity Primer at a custom date or arrange private training for your team, please contact us for current pricing, group discounts, and schedule availability.

We All Count is committed to access to data equity information for everyone and as such offers a select amount of free or financially-aided seats in each course and workshop. Click here to apply.

In this fast-paced, exciting Primer, we cover:


  • The compelling case for why data projects are not objective (and why that’s a good thing!);
  • How the kinds of choice points we face in this field give us the opportunity to embed equity in our work;
  • Why we all need a cohesive system for identifying and addressing equity issues in data,
  • An introduction to a practical, concrete approach to this crucial issue: The Data Equity Framework.

These data science issues permeate the social sector, charities, governments, institutions, education, academia, journalism, and business, and are truly relevant to anyone who is making decisions with or about data.

All this in a live, no-stress, convenient hour, plus Heather Krause, the We All Count Founder, will stick around for a 30-minute Q&A to answer any questions you might have about her work, We All Count, the Data Equity Framework, or her adorable french bulldog who usually photo-bombs our sessions.

Participants will take home a summary document with key concepts and talking points which many participants find extremely useful in discussing data equity with those who couldn’t (or haven’t yet!) attended the Primer.For those looking for a better understanding of data equity in general or for a perfect data equity introduction for your team, bosses, or class, the WAC Data Equity Primer is ideal.

The Primer is also prerequisite for both our Foundations of Data Equity and Advancing the Data Equity Framework courses because we want to hit the ground running in those trainings with everyone on the same page, so if you’re wondering if those courses are right for you, this is the place to find out.