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No matter what you’re working on, We All Count can help make it more fair, more robust, more cutting-edge, and more awesome. Whether you need a problem solved, want to add a new dimension to your research, want to design a new project, or just want to incorporate¬†

We'd love to work together.

  • We assess your data, your analyses, and your algorithms with an equity lens
  • We teach practical steps to improve the equity and ethics of the way your team uses data
  • We conduct your data analysis, performance reporting, impact assessment
  • We harmonize and optimize your data with cross-cultural sensitivity and an equity lens
  • We conduct algorithm audits and provide you with steps to optimize your algorithmic accountability
  • We deliver workshops and webinars to executives, data teams, comms teams, and stakeholders
  • We partner with you to develop the statistical literacy of your entire team to reduce your reliance on external data experts


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