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Within the year, most companies will likely need to demonstrate that their workers are being paid fairly by sex, race and ethnicity in at least a dozen countries, including the United States. 

We’ll get you ready.


The best tool that a company can arm themselves with is a comprehensive Pay Equity Analysis.

A good Pay Equity Analysis does more than keep you on the safe side of the law; it improves retention of employees, uncovers avenues to increasing efficiency, and improves financial forecasting.


Simply asking “is this algorithm racist?” will not work. Equip yourself with practical steps to embed equity and ethics into your data with our 7 Step Framework.

Designed for leaders who uses data or makes decisions based on data.


At its core, PEA is a technical process, but when it’s properly conducted both the inputs and outputs are universally practical. The end result isn’t a technical, jargon-filled document full of criticisms, but rather a comprehensive, approachable guide full of practical insights and beautifully designed data visualizations that can help any company to know itself better.

The steps involved in crafting a Pay Equity Analysis for your company’s tool box are simple. downloadable checklists  and case studies to use immediately with your own team.


We’ll work with you to get your Pay Equity Analysis done quickly and correctly. To get started contact Heather Krause, PStat Accredited Statistican, at hello@weallcount.com

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