Consumers and stakeholders are paying attention to how organizations collect, use, and store their data. To grow and maintain trust, you need a data equity and ethics strategy in place. It’s not long until this will go from a good idea to legally required. 

We’ll get you ready.


The best tool that a company can arm themselves with is a comprehensive Data Ethics and Equity Strategic Plan.

We’ll assess your algorithms, your databases, you data lake, and all the rest. We’ll help you articulate your principles and put them into action.


Simply asking “is this algorithm racist?” will not work. Equip yourself with practical steps to embed equity and ethics into your data with our 7 Step Framework.

Designed for leaders who uses data or makes decisions based on data.


 The steps involved in crafting a Data Ethics and Equity Strategy for your company’s tool box are simple. We’ll work directly with your team and facilitate communication and implementation across your technical, communications, and C-Suite teams.


We’ll work with you to get your Data Ethics and Equity Strategy done quickly and correctly. To get started contact Heather Krause, PStat Accredited Statistican, at