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Toolkit Ethics and Equity in Data Products

A Hands-on Workshop

“I attended your session and I just wanted to say it was absolutely fantastic. It (and you) were incredibly unique, thoughtful, relevant, and creative.” Nathalie Noel, Strategy Coach

“Thank you Heather for a fantastic workshop today. It was one of the best I have ever attended!” Susan Watts, Executive Director EE Centre

“Hands down the best workshop I have ever attended. Has given me the tools to change the way our entire team works with data.” MD, Children’s Aid Society

About this workshop:

Few people intentionally use data to make racist, or sexist, or unethical decisions. However, it’s very easy to do so accidentally. From regular citizens, to decision makers, to CEOs, to tech workers, we all need a toolkit for embedding equity and ethics on our data products.

In the name of efficiency, our society increasingly relies on data to guide all forms of decision making, policy making, and grant making. This cost-effective, data-led decision making, particularly when guided by unsupervised analytical methods, is often assumed to be free of human bias. However, there is growing concern about the potential misuse of these methods to further oppress already marginalized populations. From hiring decisions, to predictive policing, to auto insurance premiums, poor black and brown populations have been shown to be disproportionately impacted across a wide variety of domains.

However, there are tools and concepts that can be used to reduce bias, make data products more transparent, and actually make your data more accurate, more efficient and better. This workshop equips participants with these tools using dozen of real world case studies from across sectors and situations.


Skills you will learn:

How motivation, funding, and budgets can be harnessed for improved ethics and equity in data products.

Ways to collect and acquire data to ensure transparency, trust, and ethics.

Building a data catalog, data lake, and data biographies that won’t end you up in the headlines (or jail).

Emerging best practices in data visualization and communication that is more meaningful, accessible, and inclusive.

Checklists custom designed for your team to ensure you’re using an ethics and equity lens at every step in your data process.

Who should attend?

Anyone who makes decisions based on data, build data models, communicates with or about data and is concerned with ethics and equity.

Prereqs & Preparation:

No technical data skills necessary
You need to be curious and brave
We’ll send you some optional readings prior to the workshop

To learn about custom offerings of this program for groups of 10+, contact us (mailto:; subject line: I’d like to learn about a custom workshop)