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Learn with We All Count


The We All Count project offers a variety of ways to learn about equity in data, from introductions to the base concepts to technical solutions and systems. No matter what you do or what you know, now is the perfect time to get to the next level of skill and understanding.


Go from performative to practical.

The We All Count training program is made up of three levels, taking you from wanting to improve the equity in your data work to a high level of practical competency at actually doing it.

Our courses are grounded in the revolutionary Data Equity Framework: a set of real-world tools and systems that identify key equity choice points in your work and teach you how to make those choices in a way that makes your projects more fair, more rigorous, more accurate, and more successful.

The Data Equity Primer

Start here with our 1-hour introduction to what data equity is, how inequity sneaks into all our of projects, and what we can do about it. Leave this “super briefing” able to have productive conversations about the real core of data equity issues, pushing past the distractions and the confusion. Get yourself or your team ready to dig into equity and data with both hands!

The Foundations of Data Equity

Our flagship course covers the entire Data Equity Framework from top to bottom and gives participants the training they need to evaluate data equity and apply tools to correct (and most importantly prevent!) critical issues in your work.

Advancing the Data Equity Framework

Our most in-depth and advanced level. Learn to adjust and adapt the Data Equity Framework to your unique situations, get collaborative practical experience implementing tools in a variety of scenarios. Get comfortable with the most difficult compromises, nuances, and deep work in your pursuit of data equity.


Talking Data Equity

Join us in our series of free, informal chats about current issues in data science. A great place to get some advice, share your experience and connect with other data equity champions!

Our Posts

If you want a 100% free, learn at your own pace introduction to our ground-breaking approach to data equity, all of our content is available for free here on the website!

The Forum

Learning out loud more your thing? Check out the We All Count Community Forum and join in the conversations about whats happening on the ground in data equity today.

We All Count is committed to training and supporting anyone who wants to bring more equity and fairness to the world of data. We offer custom trainings and workshops suited to fit your needs. Contact us to get started!