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Learn with We All Count


The We All Count project offers a variety of ways to learn about equity in data, from introductions to the base concepts to technical solutions and systems. No matter what you do or what you know, now is the perfect time to get to the next level of skill and understanding.

Workshops & Events

Foundations of Data Equity

Learn our universal framework for creating and critiquing data projects. Each stage contains a set of practical tools to help embed and ensure increased equity in your data products.

Data Equity Bootcamp

Get an intensive head start on data equity by taking both our Foundations of Data Equity and Advancing the Data Equity Framework courses back to back in 5 straight days, 2.5 hours per day.

Advancing the Data Equity Framework

Take the next step in your data equity training (Foundations of Data Equity is a prerequisite for this course). Dive deeper into the practical and technical nuances of the tools and techniques. Explore additional scenarios and situations to master the Data Equity Framework and tailor it to your unique data processes.

Talking Data Equity

Join us in our series of free, informal chats about current issues in data science. A great place to get some advice, share your experience and connect with other data equity champions!

COMING SOON: Data Equity for Marketing & Human Resources

Join us for a full day of interactive learning on how to ensure you can embed an equity lens into your organization’s data. From how you collect personal data, how you analyze performance data, and how you set up marketing campaigns to how to set up compensation structures to produce fair outcomes. 


We All Count is committed to training and supporting anyone who wants to bring more equity and fairness to the world of data. We offer custom trainings and workshops suited to fit your needs. Contact us to get started!