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The We All Count project offers a variety of ways to learn about equity in data science, from introductions to the base concepts to technical solutions and systems. No matter what you do or what you know, now is the perfect time to get to the next level of skill and understanding.


Webinar: Equity and Ethics for Impact Reporting

Do more than just talk about equity. Learn to use right-sized measurement and hands-on tools to embed equity into your impact.

Webinar: How to Embed Equity into you Data Products

Interactive webinar where you can practice with real world example. Learn to apply and equity lens to the entire data lifecycle.

Webinar: The 7 Step Data Lifecycle

Build a solid foundation upon which you can develop a set of data equity and ethics principles.

Data Ethics for Executives

Ethical data frameworks are now a competitive edge. Learn the fundamental concepts and how to lead with them.

On Demand Webinar: Using Checklists to Boost your Data Equity

Build a solid foundation in equity for your data products by learning to use the framework checklists.

Online Course: Foundations of Feminist Analysis

Apply a feminist perspective to your quantitative analysis and data visualization.

COMING SOON: How Not to Visualize Like a Racist

Data visualization “best practices” are not universal. Learn to build data visualizations that reflect the needs of your community.


We All Count is committed to training and supporting anyone who wants to bring more equity and fairness to the world of data. Let us know how we can help you!


Explore the site, check out the Data Life Cycle, and sign up for The Lowdown for all of We All Count’s regular data equity content.


Need training in something you don’t see? Need a specialized teaching method or an intensive mix of training mediums?

We All Count can customize a training program to fit a wide variety of subjects, groups, and situations.