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The We All Count project offers a variety of ways to learn about equity in data science, from introductions to the base concepts to technical solutions and systems. No matter what you do or what you know, now is the perfect time to get to the next level of skill and understanding. 


We All Count offers both online and in-person courses for the most intensive way to get up to speed on data equity issues.

Feminist Quantitative Analysis

More courses are always in development, so if there’s a specific one you’re interested in, let us know!



Online and in-person webinars and workshops:

  • First Steps towards Equity in Data
  • Feminist Data Analysis
  • How to Collect Data with Ethics
  • How to Analyze Data with an Equity Lens
  • How Not to Lie with Statistics
  • How Not to Visualize like a Racist
  • Data Science for World Leaders
  • Building an Equitable Data Culture

Custom Hybrids

Need training in something you don’t see? Need a specialized teaching method or an intensive mix of training mediums? 

We All Count can customize a training program to fit a wide variety of subjects, groups, and situations. 


Free Learning

Explore the site, check out the Data Life Cycle, and sign up for The Lowdown for all of We All Count’s regular data equity content.

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