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We All Count offers 3 core services.


Clear, exciting and actually useful training is the cornerstone of We All Count. Our training is for individuals, teams, and organizations that want to learn the Data Equity Framework, the basis of our approach to identifying and solving equity issues in the data science process.

We All Count Founder Heather Krause leads live, interactive training sessions and participants leave with a framework, a process, and practical tools that they can begin to implement immediately in their work. We train with field-tested scenarios and examples that apply universally across sectors and situations.

We All Count offers public trainings (which can be packaged with additional coaching and consulting) as well as private and custom trainings tailored to your team’s needs, schedule, and work.

Coaching works great for people who want to:

  • Identify the key choice points for improving equity in your processes and research.
  • Build a set of internal scenarios for sustainable data equity practices.
  • Practice discussing and advocating for equity work within your teams and key stakeholders.
  • Learn how to apply the tools in the Data Equity Framework to your unique situations.
  • Help you develop a set of specific, actionable steps to embed equity in your data work.
  • Partner with experts to help guide you in the work.


Often a compliment to trainings, We All Count will work with you to apply the Data Equity Framework to your specific work in a series of highly directed coaching sessions. Coaching sessions focus on supporting your ability to work with a wide range of data equity tools, goal setting and accountability.

We hate when you hire someone to help you, they give you their advice, but don’t provide an opportunity to see if it worked! That’s why our coaching sessions are booked in pairs of two. One session is for opportunity assessment, discussion, insight generation, and building an action and practice plan. The second session is for action plan review, asset and rewards building, sustainability planning, and next steps. You can book as many pairs of sessions as you need!

Both our coaching and consulting packages include access to your own private online project space where you and your team can review recordings, notes, tasks, and resource links. Both services include chat and email support in between sessions.


Hiring We All Count to consult on data projects means that we’re directly involved in the work with you, building new tools, developing new resources, and working to solve your data equity problems. As a consultant, we’re right there with you working to accomplish shared goals in your project. We can bring all of our data equity expertise to bear on every aspect of the project from top to bottom. We can provide highly targeted work to identify, assess and actually solve specific data equity issues.

Consulting works great for people who want to:

  • Audit a complex process for equity and identify opportunities to improve alignment.
  • Build upon existing Data Equity Framework tools to develop new customized solutions.
  • Create a customized set of equity checklists for your data products and services.
  • Synthesize new and existing resources to inform your data equity strategies.
  • Collaborate on a series of actions and assessments to produce equitable work.
  • Partner with experts who will do the work with you.
Can’t decide what you need?


Well, the good news is that training, coaching and consulting aren’t mutually exclusive! Many people opt for a combination package or progress across the services over time.

For example, you might send your entire organization to a group training, then get some specific coaching for a smaller task force to implement a new data process.

You might want to go right to a custom consulting contract to get hands-on assistance with an urgent issue or impending deadline.

Whatever your needs, We All Count can work with you to craft an ideal and cost-effective solution for you.


$ – Public trainings are the most cost effective way to get working in the Data Equity Framework.

$$ – Custom/Private trainings offer more focused content with smaller group sizes. $$ – Coaching sessions are a highly flexible way to get great data equity advice and you can book an amount that works for your budget.

$$$ – Consulting requires the greatest time on our end, but puts an industry-defining organization on your team.

More Information

You can find out all about our philosophy, content, and tools on this website. 

To learn more about our specific training offerings, see testimonials from previous clients or an answer to any questions you might have, email us at hello@weallcount.com (or if you’re already in contact with one of our team, they’ll be happy to discuss any of this with you!)

Ready to go?

Public courses can be purchased directly at weallcount.com/learn-with-us

If you want to get started booking coaching packages, developing a custom training or would like to begin the quote process for a consulting contract, please get in touch at hello@weallcount.com.