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It can be hard to know which methodology to use when designing a data project. The most important thing for the success of your selection (and equity) is to make sure that your chosen methodology matches the kinds of research questions you have.
Using the Methodology Matrix – rather than choosing a methodology out of habit, convenience, or unwanted pressure – we can take back control over what kind of questions we can ask and how we intend to find answers.


Click the image to access the Methodology Matrix!

Building Tools Together

Clicking on the image of the Matrix will prompt you to create a copy of a Google sheet that contains the Methodology Matrix and instructions for its use. We’re currently working on a stand-alone (non-Google Sheet) version of the Matrix so if there are any features or content you’d like to see added or adjusted please let us know. We All Count is always collecting examples of when people have success or failure with any of our tools, so if you’ve got a story or comment about this tool, please let us know below!