We All Count Tools

We All Count believes that the world is a little too full of people pointing out problems without offering solutions. WAC is committed to providing practical resources to help anyone who wants to make their data science more equitable.

Data Biography Template

Ready to make a Data Biography? Use this basic template to get started. 

Methodology Matrix

Do you need help sorting through all the different types of data projects out there? Need a tool to help match your kind of research question to the right statistical methodology? Check out the We All Count Methodology Matrix here!

Data Speak Decoder

Here’s our new lexicon of user-submitted definitions for data words that are confusing, overused, or underused!

Slides from Live Talks

Here are the slide decks Heather Krause used in her recent live talks. 

Resource Library

Here’s our list of all the books, papers, podcasts and more that are making a difference in the world of data equity.

Newsletter Archive

Here’s the archive of all of We All Count’s past email newsletters, in case you’re looking for something!

Talk to Your Boss Sheets

If you’ve attended one of our workshops or talks and need some quick summary sheets to help inform your team, you might want one of these.